Frequently Asked Pool Fence Questions

Why choose us?

We are a division of My Baby Fence which has years of experience in the pool fencing industry. My Baby Fence is one of Florida's premier safety fence companies and uses only the best product available. All fences are made in the USA and installed by professional installers.

How long do your fences last?

Florida offers some fairly harsh weather conditions which is why we use the best products we can find. High grade aluminum, stainless steel, UV resistant mesh and borders all combine to make a product designed to last a lifetime.

Does the pool fence require maintenance?

Our fences are designed to be maintenance free. With that being said, if you are a family that constantly removes the fence and puts it back into place it's possible you'll need to tighten or grease the self closing gate. Other than that, you shouldn't need to do anything.

How long does the fence installation take?

Our installs typically take 2-4 hours, but for larger installs it can take longer. Everything should be done in a few hours at most.

What are the fence dimensions?

Our fences are four (4) feet tall, which Florida state law requires and the poles are spaced 3 feet apart. A section of fence is comprised of no more than 12 feet.

Can the pool fence be removed?

Yes, our pool fence can be removed by and adult and rolled up for easy storage. We also provide ground caps to cover the holes in the deck.

Do I need any type of building permit?

No. Our pool fences do not require a permit of any kind.

Will my child be able to get into the fence easily?

No. Our fence is designed to be strong and the gate latch is too high for a small child to reach. With that being said, always provide adult supervision around the pool.

Do your gates have a threshold?

No. This is one of the things customers love most about our gates. No large, clunky threshold to trip over or stub a toe on.

Will my dog be able to squeeze under the fence?

No, a safety pool fence from My Baby Fence is designed not only to keep children out, but pets also.

Can you install a fence over pavers?

Yes, our installer will go over everything with you but we install over pavers all the time.

Does the gate come with a lock?

Yes, it sure does. Our self closing, self latching gate has a lock and key. It is high enough that it's out of reach of small children.