Pool Fence Pole Strength

Strong, Durable, Long lasting Pool Fence Poles

Our fences are manufactured by My Baby Fence for strenght, security, and durability. In order to accomplish this, we first start with our custom built poles designed over the years with many tests. You see, we could have just used the same poles every other company uses, but we wanted some way to stand apart from the competition so we built our own.

Our hollow, reinforced aluminum poles come with an additional aluminum sleeve fitted to the inside of the bottom of the pole resulting in a stronger, more stable pole which of course provides for a better fence. We knew that the poles could be stronger and better built so that's exactly what we did.

Through many tests, we found that our poles can withstand 60 pounds of pressure which is much more than what our competitors are using. The poles that most pool fence companies use, buckle under a pressure of 30-35 pounds. Our 1 inch diameter poles fit snug into the deck holes with little wobble making them strong and secure.

Our question to you is do you want to trust your family's safety to an inferior product that was mass produced somewhere outside the United States? We have spent years perfecting the quality of our poles and are confident that they are the best on the market.